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Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance

Surabaya  | 09 – 12 Februari 2015 | Fee : at Proposal




  • Introduction to Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Flow Assurance
  • Economical Flow from Reservoir to the point of sale
  • Identification of Critical problems and Blockage in pipelines
  • Handling of Solid deposits
  • Application of Fluid Mechanics in Pipeline Operations Integrity
  • Avoiding Surging problem and High Viscosity liquid flow Failure
  • Evaluation of Chemical Injection and Pigging
  • Potential challenges in pipeline operations
  • Introduction to oil and gas fluid transportation – platforms, risers, floating production units, pipeline to shore and to storage or refineries
  • Reservoir fluid properties – oil, gas, condensate and water
  • Fluid data and phase determinationThe causes and operational responses to pipeline flow failures
  • Emulsion and multiphase fluid flow phenomena
  • Fluid flow analysis – single and multiphase
  • Surging and slugging
  • Slug formation and prediction
  • Riser slugging and surge analysis
  • Slug catcher types and operationsDeposition of paraffin, wax, asphaltene and naphtenates
  • The chemistry of hydrocarbon deposits
  • Prevention and remediation of wax formation and deposition
  • Scaling – prediction of scale precipitation
  • Sand production – deposition and pipeline erosion
  • Hydrate formation – blockage and corrosion
  • Hydrate prevention and control
  • SRB attack – internal pipeline corrosion control
  • Chemical injection – emulsion breaker, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocides, paraffin inhibitor, flow improver
  • Pigging – pig types and operations
  • The prediction of flows in production risers
  • Fluid mechanics of multiphase flow in pipeline
  • Transient multiphase simulation tools
  • Start-up and shutdown issues



Hilman Ahmad & Associates

He has been practicing production operation and corrosion control engineering in Indonesia for more than twenty-five years. He post-graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology (sponsored by UNESCO) in 1977. He joined in-field-practice program at Nippon Kokan Steel Company & Research Center Kawasaki, Japan for production facility design & construction and corrosion prevention & control in 1983, and collaborated with Cormon Industrial Research Center Brighton UK for on-line corrosion monitoring development in 2000. He has been delivering training course in production operation and maintenance and corrosion control for personnel from Oil & Gas Company and Petrochemical Industry since 1979.

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